Top 10 Queensland Destinations of 2018

After four months travelling Queensland in our caravan this year, we have rounded up our top 10 destinations that we visited. 10. GOLD COAST Coming in at No. 10 had to be the Gold Coast, aka our current home. We’ve been here countless times before and have always loved it - we love the weather, … Continue reading Top 10 Queensland Destinations of 2018

21 Tips for Caravanning with Young Kids

When we left for our trip in May, Kawhi was 2 years & 8 months old, and Luna was 8 months old. We have since celebrated their 1st and 3rd birthdays, travelled over 13,000km and set up at 37 different places. So, you could say we’ve learnt a lot - what works and what doesn’t, … Continue reading 21 Tips for Caravanning with Young Kids

Motherhood on the Road

If you talk to any travelling Mother, or Father for that matter, I think the one thing that everyone will say is “there are good days and bad days travelling with kids, but the good days far outweigh the bad.” We’re into our 6th week on the road now and have experienced the good, the … Continue reading Motherhood on the Road

It takes a village to raise a child… and we’ve said goodbye to our village

When we started really planning our trip the one thing that would make us second guess what we were doing was the fact we’d be taking the kids away from their family and friends. We live really close to all our family and see them all on a regular basis. The kids have cousins very … Continue reading It takes a village to raise a child… and we’ve said goodbye to our village

First week on the road

One week on the road. I can't believe how quick it's gone already, yet it feels like we've been doing this for years. We left on our trip of a lifetime last Wednesday, 23rd May. Funnily enough, it was five years to the day that Adam and I decided we'd officially become an item, and … Continue reading First week on the road

Practice Run

The caravan is pretty much ready to go. Adam has finished work. We've said some of our goodbyes. We thought we'd better do a practice run down the coast before we take off for good. You know, a last minute oh-my-god-this-is-actually-happening-what-are-we-even-doing-have-we-got-everything-we-need kind of trip. So we spent Monday to Thursday this week parked up at Holiday … Continue reading Practice Run

Our New Zealand adventures

Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Picturesque. Impressive. Scenic. Family-friendly. I've been trying to write about our New Zealand adventures since we got back 2.5 weeks ago, and I've come to realise that words simply do not do this place justice. Photos do a slightly better job. So here's a photo blog of some of our favourite kiwi … Continue reading Our New Zealand adventures

30 Reasons Why We (already) Love Our Caravan

It's still a few weeks until we take off on our trip of Australia, but we've already been living in our caravan for a month! It's great. In fact, it's amazing! I know it's not for everyone. While most of our family, friends and other's that we've spoken to have been supportive of our decision … Continue reading 30 Reasons Why We (already) Love Our Caravan