30 Reasons Why We (already) Love Our Caravan

It’s still a few weeks until we take off on our trip of Australia, but we’ve already been living in our caravan for a month! It’s great. In fact, it’s amazing! I know it’s not for everyone. While most of our family, friends and other’s that we’ve spoken to have been supportive of our decision to take off indefinitely in a caravan, we’ve had our fair share of negativity also.


“You’re crazy! How can you spend that much time with your kids?” – ah, because we love our kids more than anything, we wanted to be parents and we want to spend every second we can with them while they’re growing up. We admit it’s certainly not easy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“How can you live in a caravan? It’s so small!” – we have everything we need. We’ve never felt the need to have the biggest and best of everything.

“But Adam’s going to ruin his career!” – no, no he’s not. He’s a fantastic accountant and I have no doubt he’ll pick up work with whatever we decide to do. But more importantly than that, if you ask him what his top priorities in life are, they would be 1. Family 2. Health. I love that he is someone who is actually brave enough to put his own priorities first and not let a job and chasing money get in the way of it. You can always make more money, but you can’t always get more time.

“You’re moving away from your family, that’s going to suck!” Yep, it sure is. We totally admit that! But there’s phones, there’s Facetime, there’s an app we use called Tinybeans (totally recommend it to those with kids by the way) there’s even flights where they could come and visit us along the way!

“Kawhi won’t be able to go to daycare anymore!” – that’s true. While I absolutely love the centre he’s been going to one day a week, he’s going to learn so much on the road and he already seems to make new friends everywhere we go.

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Anyway, I quite simply just love living in our caravan and here’s 30 reasons why:


  1. Home is where you park it – no deciding on which suburb we’d like to live in and committing to buying or renting somewhere, we can just move around and set up where we like.
  2. No packing and unpacking when we go somewhere – we just hook the van up to the car and take everything with us.
  3. We spend even more time outside than we did already.
  4. We don’t own anything that doesn’t serve us a purpose – we don’t have room and we’re restricted by weight.
  5. I spend less time cleaning.
  6. We have less clutter.
  7. We have so much more freedom.
  8. Less bills.
  9. Less toys (in fact, hardly any!) so Kawhi is using his imagination so much more and it’s amazing to see!
  10. More family bonding – it’s a small space, it’s hard to escape each other.
  11. Less waste.
  12. More time focused on the kids instead of cleaning, maintaining, repairing or organising things.
  13. We have everything we need and we’re completely debt free with money in the bank.
  14. We can park up in beautiful places, but we don’t have to maintain gardens, or mow lawns, etc.
  15. We meet other like-minded families that we have a lot in common with.
  16. We spend less time getting organised for things, because we have less things to organise.
  17. Spend less money.
  18. We live a ‘greener lifestyle’ – when we’re free camping we run off solar and we have 180L of water at a time to drink, cook and wash with.
  19. It’s kind of feels like a permanent holiday, only this is our reality.
  20. We get to see more places.
  21. We’re more compassionate – after getting rid of all our stuff it made us realise how lucky we were to have everything we did, when some people don’t even have a roof over their head.
  22. Watching our kids learn about the world, and general life things – washing up, hooking the caravan up to the car, taking the rubbish out to the bin, putting their things away to keep everything tidy, etc.
  23. No daycare + more fresh air + more vitamin d = less sickness.
  24. More creativity.
  25. Simplicity.
  26. Creating amazing childhood memories for our kids.
  27. We can own better quality things – quality over quantity.
  28. Happier.
  29. We can find things easier – less stuff and less cupboards for things to hide in.
  30. We’re displaying what matters most to us – each other. You could walk into our caravan and the first thing you’d notice is us. There’s no ridiculously priced artwork in your face, no fancy brand dining table or a huge pantry of food – half of which doesn’t even get eaten. It’s just us, plain and simple.

And that right there is my list so far. I cannot wait to begin our travels and add to it. As I’ve said already, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok, but it’s the one for us and we’re so glad we chose it.

Teegan x

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